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Isabella Fabbri, saxophones/voice/shamanic percussions/electronics


Isabella Fabbri broadens her musical horizon with the release of her second solo album "Elementa", published in December 2023 under the Good Waves Music label. This work continues the musical exploration begun by the artist with her debut album "Rainbow," inspired by the chakras of Indian tradition, through a new sonic journey dedicated to the natural elements, viewed from the perspective of shamanic cultures.

In "Elementa", music becomes a bridge between humans and the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Drawing inspiration from shamanic traditions, the album weaves electronic atmospheres, animated by Isabella Fabbri's four saxophones, with vocal tracks inspired by the medicinal songs of Amazonian forest shamans. Each piece is an invitation to reconnect with the elements of nature, to recognize them within and outside oneself, honoring and respecting them as pillars of life:

- Earth, associated with the physical body, nourishes and strengthens; 

- Fire, linked to spirituality and sexuality, brings energy; 

- Water, related to emotions, purifies from negativity; 

- Air, connected to thoughts, empowers and frees the mind. 

Arriving in 2024, a bonus track inspired by the fifth element, Ether, understood as the element capable of creating the space where the first four can meet. This final piece completes this sonic journey that pays homage to nature.

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