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Bateau-Lavoir is a mixed media art lab, open to every artistic language and aiming to give voice to the expressive needs of today's art. It is a global space in which music, multimedia, theater and performance are integrated, contaminated and used in a non-conventional way to experiment with new ways of expression and communication. Taking its name from the famous Parisian building in Montmartre that welcomed artists like Pablo Picasso, Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire, the collective is animated by a network of artists who realize innovative and independent projects, bringing contemporary works to fruition. The purpose of the lab is to move art to new boundaries and to bring the audience close to art's most actual languages, creating new images, sensations and sonorities in the common imagination.


Soundscapes of the 21st Century - New Italian Music for Saxophone and Piano

Isabella Fabbri, saxophones

Lorenzo Meo, piano

Soundscapes of the 21st Century a project by Bateau-Lavoir Collective dedicated to new Italian contemporary repertoire for saxophone and piano. Isabella Fabbri (saxophones) and Lorenzo Meo (piano) perform a program composed by 7 pieces written between 2010 and 2020 by Gianluca Deserti, Giulia Monducci, Lorenzo MeoLuigi Pizzaleo, Mauro Saleri: it is a musical kaleidoscope in which the different compositional approaches are the mirror of the countless facets of contemporary music.

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