silvio zalambani
amerindia ensemble

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Silvio Zalambani, soprano sax

Chiara Lucchini, Isabella Fabbri, alto sax

Anna Paola De Biase, tenor sax

Alessia Berra, baritone sax

Silvio Zalambani Amerindia Ensemble is the meeting of a soloist soprano saxophone and a female saxophone quartet. This totally original project, dedicated to Latin American Music, is a union of polyrythms, jazz improvisations and engaging atmosphere in a chamber music version. Their first album, Saxofón Porteño, was released in 2022 for Borgatti Publisher and it is a tribute to the music of Buenos Aires city with compositions by contemporary and traditional Argentine tango authors, such as: Sonia Possetti, Diego Schissi, Federico Lechner, Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor Piazzolla, as well as Silvio Zalambani himself. Amerindia Ensemble debuted in 2015 in Brazil at the Festival Música Nova - Gilberto Méndes (Ribeirão Preto-SP), following to perform in several music festivals and theatres.

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