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gershwin quintet

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Letizia Ragazzini, soprano saxophone and flute

Mariella Donnaloia, alto saxophone

Isabella Fabbri, tenor saxophone

Laura Rocchegiani, baritone saxophone

Maria Giulia Cester, piano

Gershwin Quintet is an Italian female ensemble composed by a saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone) and a piano. As the name suggests, the ensemble is focused on the repertoire of the American composer George Gershwin. The instrumental composition of the group offers a variety of tone, dynamic and expressive possibilities that let the quintet play the most famous Gershwin's songs, but also his masterpieces for orchestra like "Rhapsody in Blue", "Concert in F" and "An American in Paris". The ensemble regularly collaborates with the jazz singer Sara Jane Ghiotti.

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