Isabella Fabbri, saxophones/voice/electronics


“Rainbow” is Isabella Fabbri's first solo album, with music for saxophone, voice and electronics. It’s her tribute to the 7 chakras, the major energy points of the human body in the Hindu culture, which are related to 7 different colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every track aims to create the ideal soundscape to stimulate within the listener each energy center and its specific functions:

RED (1st Chakra) increases courage;
ORANGE (2nd Chakra) improves creativity;
YELLOW (3rd Chakra) reinforces self-esteem;
GREEN (4th Chakra) develops the capacity to express feelings;
BLUE (5th Chakra) empowers the ability to communicate;
INDIGO (6th Chakra) enhances intuition;
VIOLET (7th Chakra) facilitates self-fulfillment.

"Rainbow" is a colourful journey within oneself, an ode to our inner power!

Rainbow_stampa regalo.jpg