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Isabella Fabbri, saxophones

Davide Finotti, piano

Francesca Occhi, video installation

Senza is a project by Duo ff (Isabella Fabbri, saxophones; Davide Finotti, piano) and Francesca Occhi (visual artist): it is a performative installation dedicated to the Minimalism as a form of art and as a philosophy of life. 7 pieces written by notable minimalist composers (Nyman, Glass, Sakamoto, Reich, Adams, Fitkin, Pärt) are transposed in 7 original videos by Francesca Occhi, which underline 7 different aspects of the Minimalism: energy, essence, repetition, structure, absence and lightness. Senza (that means "without" in Italian) is an homage to simplicity, a tribute to the essence of life.