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Duo ff is a duo composed by Isabella Fabbri on saxophones and Davide Finotti on piano. The members graduated at Ferrara Conservatory of Music where they got the "Irina Chinelli" Scholarship and their master's degree in chamber music, cum laude. They specialized in chamber music with Pier Narciso Masi at Fusignano Academy of Music and they won the first prize at "Nuovi Orizzonti" Competition in Arezzo and at "Antonio Salieri" Competition in Legnago. Their program is focused on the XXth and XXIst centuries repertoire for saxophone and piano.


Senza - Minimalismo tra musica e immagine

Isabella Fabbri, saxophones

Davide Finotti, piano

Francesca Occhi, video

Senza is the new project by Duo ff in collaboration with Francesca Occhi (visual artist): it is a performative installation dedicated to the minimalism as a form of art and as a way of living. 7 pieces written by notable minimalist composers (Nyman, Glass, Sakamoto, Reich, Adams, Fitkin, Pärt) are transposed in 7 original videos by Francesca Occhi, which underline 7 different aspects of the minimalism: energy, essence, repetition, structure, absence and lightness. Senza (that means "without" in Italian) is an homage to simplicity, a tribute to the essence of life.

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